Thursday, March 15, 2007

Here comes Rascal Rabbit...

I just finished this Rabbit named Rascal.
It's an item that I was testing, it's still in the testing phase so there is no pattern available yet....He sure is a cute bunny and just in time for the upcoming Easter decorating that I'll be doing this sunday.
Sunday will be the day all of the St. Patty's decorations will be put away for another year and Easter 2007 decorating starts!

I finished the doily that I was testing and will post a picture of it as soon as it's dry and stretched into shape...It really needs to be blocked to show it's detail and beauty.

I will be starting a baby hat's so cute and it has an Easter theme too...I'm looking forward to starting and finishing it...I know of a little guy it'll look too adorable on!

Sunday, March 04, 2007

Burger anyone??

I just finished testing this Burger Coaster's so cute, I just love it. It's designed to recycle 4 old cd's and the cd spindle. It's really ingenius isn't it??
It kind of makes you hungry for a burger...LOL!!

I'm also testing a doily but I'm not quite finished it yet. I'll post the picture as soon as I am.
Bye for now!!