Monday, January 18, 2016


So it's day 18 of my temperature scarf.
The weather has been ranging from 0 to -14C so far. My colors are teal, grey and purple. The color combo looks good so far but with so many ends to weave in I'm not sure if I like how it's coming along. That's why no picture yet.
Fingers crossed I start liking it and I can post a picture.
 Bye for now!

Sunday, January 03, 2016

New Year and it's time for a new project

Happy 2016
I've decided on making a Temperature scarf this year.
These are the colours I've picked and I'll use them as follows.

White for the first and last 6 rows also for 2 rows between each month.
I will knit one row per day according to the high temperature of the day,
since this year has 366 days my scarf will have 400 rows...that sounds really

OK, my temp chart will be as follows
32 C and above
26 to 31
20 to 25
13 to 19 C............yellow
7 to 12
1 to 6
-5 to 0 C...............turquoise
-6 to -12 C............purple
-13 to -18 C..........grey
-19 and

So far the first 3 days are all turquoise as the temp here has been
0 and -2.
I want to make a basket weave pattern so not quite sure how
many rows of each k and p I will do...I'll be starting the actual knitting later so
wish me luck it ends up looking good and that I keep at it since it's such a long project.