Thursday, March 05, 2009

It's been such a long time...

I haven't stopped crocheting...I had only stopped blogging (for now)

This is some of what I've done since my last post.
**Click on pictures to expand them**

I tested this bunny for StormyzCrochet

This doll was just something I did because I liked her.

These Barbie dresses were some patterns I had now for awhile. Most are Annie's Attic patterns from magazines etc...
I wanted to do something in thread and not a doily. Not that I don't like doilies. I just wanted smaller projects that can be finished quickly.
(I know...the lilac pineapple dress needs a slip or underwear. True if she was human but she's only plastic)

This Bunny set is called Carlisle Carrot & Lola Lettuce. I tested them for Fuzzy Feet Boutique.