Wednesday, July 21, 2010

African Flower pillow

I finished this African Flower pillow.
The tutorial for this hexagon is available HERE

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Canada Day 2010

Hi All.
Have a great Canada Day to my countrymen and a great Independence Day to my friends in the USA!
I know I've been remiss in posting but hopefully I will put my drought behind me and have much to say and post in the future.

Today Canada Day Rob and I went to the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa.

We saw many things but Crochet and Knitting are uppermost in my interests. Imagine my surprise when we saw one of the actual scarves that Queen Victoria crocheted as awards to soldiers in the South African war.

There was also a Camouflage exibit...there was a dress from Project Runway...I'm not sure what season as I don't watch the show. The dress was the one that won that weeks challenge. It was made with a camouflage fabric. Very chic. The pink camo pumps where also a highlight for me. Although I couldn't wear such a shoe I loved it!

I've been crocheting...I'll post some of what I've made in another post.