Monday, April 28, 2008

I'm Knitting again...

I've been knitting again and it's been already long to-do list I had of Crochet items has now doubled with the amount of knitting projects I've added. Oh well, I'm really enjoying it. I've also found that my arm doesn't hurt as much while knitting as when I crochet.

These are the latest knitted items I've made...This dishcloth set is a gift for a bridal shower.
As you can see the set laid out and then with the hang tag I made saying Handmade and with the washing instructions.
It's such a pretty set and the patterns are all free.

HERE for the towel and HERE for the dishcloth. The scrubby is also a free pattern and can be found HERE

These guys are called Korknisse...the pattern a translation of the original Norwegian one can be found HERE They look like little gnomes. I think they're so cute.

The coffee sling is called just that "Slingshot"

It really works well for that take out's easy to hang it on your wrist or hang it from your hand as you walk or shop, etc...

This is also a free pattern HERE

I want to make a couple more. I want to make sure I have one at hand whenever I buy a coffee. I LOVE this sling!!!