Saturday, April 21, 2007

More Kitties and a Gnome

Here are the latest items that I've been working on....
The Gnome is a pattern from one of the members of Happy Hookers. Thanks Ann for such a cute pattern. I really enjoyed making him!!

This Pink Camoflage kitty is another Amineko that I have named Eggroll...don't ask. It's a companion kitty for Ginger that now has a Marilyn Monroe white halter dress. I made the dress without a pattern and I think it turned out pretty well.

The little kitty is what I came up with for a CAL on Crochetville. The LINK is here. It's a UFO that we were all to come up with something different and since I had kitties on the brain I made mine to match Eggroll. I haven't named it yet.

Saturday, April 07, 2007

My first Ameniko

Here is my first....I'm sure there will be others...Ameniko (means Crochet Cat) the translated to english pattern can be found HERE the japanese pattern with pictures can be found HERE
I made her orange like a ginger cat and so her name is now Ginger...I love that she is poseable...just too cute!!

The cat and the monkey were both part of a crochet-along at Crochetville, but there is also an Ameniko-along at Craftster where I'll post a picture of Ginger and therefore become part of that CAL.
I know I want to make another kitty I will have to go through my stash and find another color I like as well as the orange....I think that was a perfect kitty color!

Here Ginger is posing with the monkey that is yet to be named...

So for now I'm off once again!!
Meow ^_^

Monday, April 02, 2007

New stuff that I made...

So this is the monkey I made for a Crochet Along at Crochetville....I have been eyeing the pattern for a while now and the CAL was the perfect opportunity to make it.
The pattern is a free one
I hope I've inspired others to make one too.

Oooops I just noticed I forgot to make a tail for him....I'll get right on did I forget that??? Oh my!

The doily is the one I was testing for Kathy White from Crochetville....I love the way it turned out, and the colors are perfect in my livingroom...I love the burgundy!!

The bunny hat is a baby size hat that I made for Mason (step-grandson) He'll be wearing it at Easter and will be too cute for sure...I'll have to take many pictures of him wearing it.
The hat was also a pattern I was testing.