Saturday, January 21, 2006

It's Snowing today!!

Ottawa is being covered in a blanket of snow today!!
We'll have 15cm by this afternoon, that's close to 6 inches.

This is a picture of a tree in my backyard, it's really pretty!!

On the Crochet front I'm going to list my WIPs: =Swirl Sweater CAL - don't like the way it's turning out
=Soap Pony - have to finish the mane and face detail
=TP cover doll - testing and haven't started
=Butterfly filet square - half done
=Chicken potholder - don't like the way it's turning out
=Boston Terrier - I'm trying to design this one...I have the head done, can't figure out how I want the body

My plan is to alternate between a new project and a WIP...I think that way I won't hate the previous projects, I'll be happy to finish one to get onto a new one.
So I'm going to make a new one first....LOL, I knew I could talk myself into making something new.....hee hee hee

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