Saturday, February 04, 2006

Have you missed seeing Max!!

Max loves his new toy, and beleive it or not he hasn't killed the squeeky out of it, that is so rare he usually kills it right away, but we found a toy that he loves and didn't feel the need to kill.
He even falls asleep with it in his mouth, he doesn't let go of it very often.

I also finished my Pound Puppy I was making, he's the large size one he's 18" long, that's almost the size of Max! That's another FO off of my WIP list....Yeah!!


Karen said...

He is cool where did you get the pattern My son was a big pound puupy fan

Sally said...

Love the pound pup and Max is cute as have a little ham there Maria...LOL!!

Tina said...

Maria your pound puppy is adorable!! I wonder if they have Boston Terrier pound puppies? I could make one for my brother. Adorable!