Thursday, June 28, 2007

Canada Day 2007 is almost here!!!

These are my newest creations for Pinky...She's ready for the summer and for the Canada Day celebration!! I'm wondering what to make next...I like the idea of a ladybug sweater!! That's pretty summery too.
You'll have to wait for the next installment to see if I come up with something.

Crystal looks as if she's smiling but that was right after coming in from a very short walk.
It was soooooo hot on Wednesday that we couldn't stay out for more than a few minutes. She is so cute...Max wouldn't sit for a picture, he ran off as soon as he saw me flash at Crystal! He's so cute too, I just love my babies.

Bye for now!

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Lisa said...

So great to meet another Canadian. Well, I live in Texas now but was born and raised in the Ottawa area!!
I found your blog through the alien amigurami cal on c'ville.
And when I saw your Sens button I just knew I had to add you to my blog of faves!!
Happy almost Canada fellow Canadian.