Friday, April 10, 2009

Happy Easter!

It's Good Friday today and I thought I'd drop by and add a few new items that I've finished.

This bunny is called ReJoyce and I tested it for a 14 year old girl. How nice that she has taken an interest in Crochet and designing. I don't know if the pattern will be available or where if she decides to post it.

This was a free pattern on the Annie's Attic site. It's also in the Annie's Big Book of Holiday Crochet.

Mickey Mouse is a classic toy and one of my favorites.

The pattern was to be done in thread.

I don't like to use thread for my toys or characters so I used good ole Red Heart and a E hook.

It turned out just perfect...If I say so myself! LOL

This little piggy stayed home...or however the rhyme goes!

This is a free pattern designed by KristieMN

The link to this pattern is HERE

This cute froggie couple is called Finnegan and Filomena Froggies with Lily Pad.
I was lucky to be one of the testers of such a cute pattern.
The pattern is for sale HERE

This is Barry Bee...I made him for Mason as "The Bee Movie" is his new favorite.
There is no pattern because I made him without one and didn't write down any of what I did.


anastaciafreak said...

i love all of them especially the bee. shame that there isn't a pattern.

Tina said...

Wow, you have been busy making toys! They all look cute. I love the one next to your doggy. (Our six year old son loves chis.) :P