Sunday, July 12, 2009

As promised...

I said I would post pictures of all of my newest items I've made.

There are quite a few so I hope you don't get bored looking at them :P

First is a Linguine Doll...pattern is free on Craftster.

I was a tester for this French cute!
Pattern is for sale at Fuzzy Feet Boutique on Etsy.

This is also a Fuzzy Feet Boutique horse that I tested.

This I tested and is a Tater with cheese and butter topping. From Fuzzy Feet Boutique

The next 2 are Elf Babies. I tested them for Fuzzy Feet Boutique.

Panda Bear with Bamboo...I tested for Fuzzy Feet Boutique.

This is a Penguin that I tested for Stormyz also from Etsy.

This is the Starling Handbag. It's a free pattern and there is also a Flickr group site HERE
This pattern was of a USA Independence day kitty. I made it my Canada Day kitty.
The free pattern can be found HERE

Thanks for looking.
As you can see I'm very lucky to be a tester for Alisha from
Fuzzy Feet Boutique and for Diane from Stormyz


anastaciafreak said...

they are all so adorable, especially the bulldog

Maria said...

Thanks, I like him too because he looks so real.

Sally said...

They're all wonderful, I LOVE the elf babies!! Sorry about Max!

Unique2wh0 said...

Maria you have just been one busy girl. I love all your lil treasures. The elf babies are just adorable. How fun. I be your house is like a museum with all your art.
Think'n of ya!!