Thursday, November 19, 2009

Good Morning

Good Morning.
I haven't posted anything new in awhile and I haven't been crocheting for the last while either. I haven't been in the mood for it...sort of in a slump...
First off are a couple of Halloween items I made.
The ghosts are a tested item made by Alisha of Fuzzy Feet Boutique her Etsy site is HERE
The Pumpkin sweater for Crystal is something I thought she really needed ;)
I always use the same pattern and embellish differently. That pattern is HERE

The snowman is also an Alisha design that I tested.
The bear ice cream cones are from a Thai pattern that I sort of copied as I can't read Thai...They turned out pretty good for sort of guessing as I went.


anastaciafreak said...

everything is so adorable especially ur puppy. she is so cute.

Maria said...

♥ Thanks!

anastaciafreak said...

u can take a look at some of my stuff here,

Sharon Marie said...

Your chi is adorable! The sweater you made her is cute too. I have 2 chis and they get pretty chilly in the winter.