Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Cute Max

I thought it was time for a new picture of Max.....well here it is, he didn't want to sit still so it's just a wee bit blurred.......oh what can I say he's still a little angel!!

As for my crocheting, I finished the first part of the Happy Hookers Mystery Pattern...that's it just above.......I love the mystery patterns Sally (group manager) puts on for the group. They're always fun!
I'm going to pick up the swirl sweater again and see about putting the sleeves in, I hope I like the way it looks finished. If and when I finish it I will certainly post a picture, so far it doesn't really look like the pattern.......hmmm, Oh well it'll be a one of a kind after all...LOL
I also have a couple of items I'm testing for fellow Crochetvillers, I just don't have enough time in a day....Bye for now I have to get at it!!

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