Monday, January 09, 2006

New Burger

This is the same little burger that is a coaster set. The huge burger is a potholder set. After I did the big one I decided to change the color of the cheese in the small one. I think they are adorable........The pattern is free from The Crochet File Box, there isn't a picture but I think mine is a good testiment that it works very well!!

The tomato slice even has seed sections, I don't know if my picture does it justice. I was thinking of making a lettuce or onion slice but this is exactly as the pattern is written!


Sally said...

OMG's awesome!!! Now that's how you stack your potholders!!!! It looks like a quarter pounder with cheese....I prefer a bit of lettuce on!!! Great job!!

maryann said...

again, I will tell you how cute! I had a feeling the burger and cheese were all going to be potholders.. I am sitting here with a big smile!!

Cheryl said...

That potholder set is adorable.

Tina said...

Holy cow! Talk about Kong burger! hee hee I love it! My son has long forgotten his hamburger I crocheted him. And his curly fries. Oh well... Yours are great!

YankeeRose1214 said...

These are cute! I found the pattern for the hot pads. Can you tell me where you got the pattern for the burger coasters?