Sunday, February 25, 2007

A good Sunday to you all

St.Patty's is soon approaching and so I made a couple of new things to celebrate the day!!
I've had my eye on the hat pattern for a while.

Pinky got a new outfit as a leprechaun, beard and all...LOL....Easter is next!!

No I'm not Irish but think the shamrocks and leprechauns are just too cute not to decorate for the day...I'll be getting a new shamrock plant too, I get one almost every year and am lucky if they are still alive come the following year. I need a green thumb to go with the season but mine seems to be black as far as keeping some plants alive...I really want a purple shamrock (oxalis) this year but they are really hard to find. This is what they look like...I love it.
Hopefully by the next installment I'll have a picture of a purple oxalis that I bought, until then Bye!!


Lucy said...

Where did you get the hat pattern, if I may ask...that's great for a door!! Oh, and PINKY IS ABSOLUTELY AWESOME...are those your own patterns? I have ones for the goose but that's it!!

Maria said...

Hi Lucy, thanks for the comment. Yes pinkys outfits are all my own designs since I can't find a goose I have to use the flamingo...LOL
The Leprechaun hat is one I had for a while and I'm sure it was a free pattern even though I don't know where I got it from. The designer was Jocelyn Sass, I hope that helps you track it down.

Sam said...

ROFLMAO!! The outfit for your flamingo is priceless!!! Great work!