Sunday, February 11, 2007

I have more FO's to share

These are the newest additions to my crochet FO's and the stamps are just because I'm thrilled with them!!

I added the ribbon to the heart purse and am using it as a decoration...I like it much better that way.

I finished the Retro Mosaic Tote Bag yesterday that was part of a Crochet's huge. I didn't realize it until I was putting it together just how big it really was.

I had ordered some Beatles Stamps from the Royal Mail in the UK....they arrived friday and I'm really pleased with the assortment I got. Hopefully they will increase in price, they may be needed to fund my retirement!

The flamingo is my idea of dressing up a plastic goose....since I can't find a plastic goose anywhere here in Ottawa I decided to dress up my flamingo that I call Pinky
She's out in the garden all summer and now I will be dressing her up for all occasions...lucky her!!LOL
The 2 here are the January/Winter one and the February/Valentine one.
I got the idea from the Annies Attic book of Goose & Gander Fashions. Since there are no Flamingo fashions I make them us as I go by looking at the goose patterns.
March should be fun I'm thinking of a leprechaun.

Until the next installment Ciao!!


Tina said...

Hi Maria! I love the retro mosaic bag!!! :0 Love it! Very nice. Was that a CAL at Crochetville? I'm off to go check it out...

Everything is nice!

Maria said...

Thanks Tina, the CAL is not from Crochetville. You should start one there...I'm sure many will be interested in making it. I did it with an MSN group called Happy Hookers.

Deneen said...

Ack-I asked a question about this bag before even checking the later posts-the bag came out awesome! Bet you could make this in wool,felt the pieces separately and sew em together for an awesome look (and maybe it would be a bit smaller).

Cool flamingo wear too!