Saturday, September 15, 2007

Tapestry Crochet anyone???

This was my first attempt at Tapestry Crochet...the pattern called for cotton thread but I used worsted weight yarn.
Now I want to try something else in Tapestry...maybe with beads.
Carol Ventura has a great site to get us all hooked on this fascinating type of Crochet
You can watch Carol on video speaking about and showing different items that she has designed and made. There are also many free patterns to get you started.


sascha said...

Lovely job! The kittens are sweet. I like tapestry crochet a lot. I did the star cloche from knittingpatterncentral, and it's warm and really pretty! I used Galway from Plymouth Yarns and it turned out beautifully. :O) Thanks for sharing the site! samm in canada

Tina said...

That turned out so cute! I have never done tapestry crochet, but I have done graph crochet. It is probably similar. Great job!