Thursday, September 06, 2007

Getting ready for Halloween and Fall

These are the latest items I've made...the scarecrow is from
a "1982 Annies Pattern Club" magazine.

The ghost is from an Annies Attic book called "Holiday Door Hangers"
I find the hole in the top of the ghosts head to be too small for any of my doorknobs...that's too bad because the book has all of the holidays in it and I would've liked to try a turkey for Thanksgiving or a Santa for Christmas... I may anyway and hang them from a wreath hook or a large suction cup!
I'll post a picture if I do make the others...they are awfully cute!!

This is a Bare Bottomed Baby from a pattern of the same name...the pattern is from the "1989 Nov/Dec Crochet World" magazine.

I only made the boy, the pattern also has a girl baby.


sascha said...

Oh my. I really really want to make a bare bottomed baby too. :O) I wish it were a more recent pattern! I'll try ebay, I guess. The scarecrow is so sweet! and the little ghost too. Lovely work! samm in Canada

Shelle said...

Ohmygosh! That is so cute! My G-daughter would love one of those!